Write a program to read csv file in PHP and performs operations

CSV File Parsing: A program to read csv file in PHP and performs operations

Here you will get a program code of csv file parsing to read csv file in PHP and performs different operations.

read csv file in php

CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file parsing in PHP involves extracting data from a CSV file and processing it within PHP. CSV is a simple and widely used file format for storing tabular data, where each line represents a row and the values within a row are separated by commas or other delimiters.

CSV file parsing in PHP typically includes the following steps:

Opening the CSV file: Use the ‘fopen()’ function in PHP to open the CSV file in read mode. You provide the file path as the parameter.

Reading the CSV file: Use a loop, such as ‘while’ or ‘foreach‘, to read each line of the CSV file using the ‘fgetcsv()‘ function. This function reads a line from the file and parses it into an array, where each element corresponds to a value in the CSV row.

Processing the data: Once the data is parsed into an array, you can perform various operations on it, such as filtering, sorting, or manipulating the values. This step depends on the specific requirements of your application.

Closing the file: Once you have completed the processing of the CSV data, it is important to free up system resources by closing the file using the ‘fclose()‘ function.

JSON Parsing is also a method to reads JSON data from a file and extracts information in php.


Program code to read csv file in PHP 




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