String Compare in C without using strcmp

String Compare in C

Here you will get source code of String compare in c without using strcmp and String compare in c using strcmp function.


What will strcmp() function do

The strcmp() function is used to compare two strings, character by character in c programming. It returns zero if both strings are equal or non-zero if they are different.
It compares the two strings character by character until the end of string or any miss match found.

The strcmp() function works as described below.

It returns 0 if str1 and str2 are equal.

It return a negative value If str1 is less than str2.

It returns a positive value, If str1 is greater than str2.


String Compare in C using strcmp


String Compare in C without using strcmp program output


String Compare in C without using strcmp


Input first string: CodeRevise
Input second string:
Both strings are not equal… 🙁

Input first string: learn coding
Input second string: learn coding
Both strings are equal… 🙂



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