N Queens Problem using Backtracking

N Queens Problem using Backtracking program in C

Here in this example, you will get and learn the program code of n queens problem using backtracking in c programming.

In the n Queens problem, N chess queens have to be placed on an NxN chessboard so they cannot attack each other. This n Queens problem can be solved by the backtracking algorithm.

The backtracking algorithm works by starting with an empty chessboard and then trying to place a queen on each row. For each row, it tries each of the N columns in turn.

  • If the column is valid (It cannot be attacked by another queen.), then the queen is placed and the algorithm moves to the next row.
  • If the column is invalid, the algorithm returns to the previous row and attempts the next column. This process repeated until a solution is not found.

When the solution found, the algorithm states out the positions of the n queens on the chessboard.

Program code of N queens Problem using backtracking in C


N Queens Problem using Backtracking program in C




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