C Program for Longest Common Subsequence problem

C Program for Longest Common Subsequence problem

Here in this post you will learn C program for Longest Common Subsequence Problem.

The Longest Common Subsequence (LCS) problem is a classic problem in dynamic programming. Given two sequences, it seeks the longest subsequence that appears in both sequences in the same relative order but not necessarily contiguous.

For example, consider two sequences:

Sequence 1: ABCDEFG
Sequence 2: ABDFFGH

In this case, the longest common subsequence would be “ABFG” with a length of 4.

Dynamic programming is often used to solve this problem efficiently. The key idea is to build a table where each cell stores the length of the longest common subsequence found so far for the corresponding prefixes of the two sequences.


Example of Longest Common Subsequence problem



Please input 1st sequence :ASFHJK
Please input 2nd sequence :RASOJK

The Longest Common Subsequence is : ASJK



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